Top Twin Gear

Monday, August 25, 2014

When I was pregnant with the girls one thing that was hard for me to find was a realistic list of things that would come in handy.  I found lists with tons of expensive items, or lists sponsored by baby companies - so they were often one sided.  So I thought I would put together a list of my favorite things that helped us those first few (crazy) months. I hesitate to use the term Twin Baby Must Haves because none of these items are things you must have, but they sure made my life much easier. Also, most of these items are great for parents of singletons too!

1. Boon Lawn Coutertop Drying Rack - The girls were formula fed from the beginning, paired with using Dr. Brown's bottles there were A LOT of bottle parts to dry.  This piece held a ton of bottles and bottle parts.  Plus is looks really cute sitting out in our kitchen.

2. Gerber Diapers - These are actually flat fold cotton diapers but in my opinion they work amazing for burp clothes.  Simple and affordable, also easy to clean since they're white.

3. Oxo Wipes Dispenser - Another mom recommended this wipe dispenser.  I first thought that seemed stupid but it really came in handy.  You can open the lid with one hand, which is nice when your holding a baby in your other.  Plus it keeps the wipes fresh.

4. Dishwasher Basket - Handy to hold all those bottle parts.

5. Dr. Brown Bottles - One of the best piece of advice I received was to not register for one specific brand because each baby is different.  Instead we registered for a couple of Dr Browns, Avent, and Born.  Dr. Brown's worked the best for us. And actually at the very beginning the best bottles for one of the girls were just the cheap ones they use in the NICU.  Those seemed to help the most with gas at first.

6. Snap N Go - Hands down one of my favorite things.  Funny thing is we almost did not purchase one because I didn't understand the point since we had a really nice stroller.  Now, I have no idea what I'd do without it.  I use it mostly for taking the girls to the car when I'm by myself and while going grocery shopping too.  I wish the bottom basket was a tad larger but it gets the job done.

7. Cheap Body Suits - and lots of them!  That's all my girls wore at the beginning, and it's not to not freak out if one gets ruined by a blow out.

8. Formula Pitcher - If you're formula feeding this thing came in handy, especially when the babies ate so frequently when they were just home from the hospital.  We would fill up the pitcher and that would last us a half a day. We'd keep it in the fridge and then warm the bottles to room temperature under warm water from the kitchen sink.

9. Boppy - This was nice to have since feeding twins back to back was an hour/hour and a half process at first.  It was was nice to prop the girls, one each on a boppy, if I needed to feed them at the same time too.

10. Rock N Play - These were great to have at first.  Although we never let the girls sleep in them at night.  I read so many horror stories of the nightmare transition from Rock N Plays to cribs so they slept in their cribs at night from the very begining.  However, the Rock N Plays were handing for daytime napping, and they're very easy to move around the house.  In addition, they're compact and easy to transport to Grandma's house.

11. NoseFrida - This thing is amazing.  I stumbled on it and decided to look up reviews on Amazon.  It looked so crazy that I wondered if it actually worked.  And what do you know?  The reviews rocked, so I bought it.  It's the only aspirator that actually works, and when its 2am and the girls were miserable and not sleeping because they were stuffed up, I was not above sucking a little snot out - haha.  It's also not as bad as it looks, there is a filter which prevents the snot from getting anywhere close to your mouth.

Ikea High Chair: Blames High Chair Review

Monday, July 21, 2014

One thing I can't stand about baby items is the kitchyness of it all. So when I have the opportunity to purchase something that has clean lines and blends in with our furniture I take the leap quickly.  That brings us to our high chair search.  This weekend we went to Ikea and purchased these modern high chairs.  They are wooden and we went with the black choice.  The wood high chairs surprisingly do not take up much space and the price is awesome to boot.  When having to buy two of most things, purchases like high chairs gets expensive quickly.  These affordable high chair are the perfect price point for needing two.

I'm picking up the girls from grammy's in a few minutes.  I can't wait for B+B to try out their new chairs when they get home.  Check us out on instagram later where I'm sure we will have some interesting photos around dinner time tonight! ;)


Twin Nursery Inspiration

Friday, July 11, 2014

Over the next few weeks I will reveal bits and pieces of what makes up our twin nursery.  While pregnant one of the big baby room questions for me was trying to figure out how two babies plus all the baby stuff would fit in our tiny apartment.  We weren't planning to begin house hunting until Fall/Winter 2014 so our living situation would have to suffice for a year or so with two babies.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest searching for small room nursery inspiration along with some "musts" in my mind.

  1. Everything could be easily transitioned when we moved
  2. No paint on the walls
  3. Didn't feel over crowded
  4. Not too "themey" I didn't want something that screamed "Disney" "Rain Forest" etc.  Although those ideas are great, there not my jam.
  5. Not too pink 
Below you will find my main inspirations.

melodie's nursery

Great use of color pops in this nursery :) Those pom-poms! #design #decor #interior #style #babies #nusery

Shared spaces - I wish I could purchase those quilts!  But they are handmade!  I need a twin and a full!  Colors, quilt, not too themey. Laundry basket between

display bookshelves

Twins nursery reveal.. <3 (craftionary feature)  small space and accent wall.  like the bunting too.

What important factors do you consider when decorating?

Changes are coming!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm so excited to announce that changes are coming soon to Her Joyful Studio.  I am leaving my full time job to focus solely on growing and developing Her Joyful Studio!  When I started Her Joyful Studio in May 2013 I never dreamed it would be so successful.  Especially when a month later I found out I was pregnant, and a month after that I found out I was pregnant with twins!  I had zero energy but knew working hard would make for a better life for my family. While on bed rest I spent my days working my day job with my computer on my lap and my nights spent processing orders - all from my bedroom.

The last month of my pregnancy I spent going to daily doctor's appointments.  And more often then not those appointments ended up with trips to the hospital. I even joked with the nurses I should start bringing my hot glue gun in my purse so I could be productive while being monitored for hours and sometimes days.


But let's cut to the chase.

What does this mean for you?

  • Faster Production Time! (Our current processing time is 3-5 business days, this will change to 1-3 business days!)
  • Updates to the blog!  I'm so excited to get more involved with the blogging community.  Expect to see topics regarding life, crafting, raising twins, being a new mom, product development and much more!
  • A more unified message: with updated branding and products (including a cohesive Fall 2014 line!)
  • More new items: one of my favorite things to do is develop and design new merch and I can't wait to dedicate more time to that!
  • More giveaways, partnerships and collaborations! Interested in collaborating with us?  Send us a message at
Expect to see a slow roll-out over the next week with quicker production time beginning next Friday, July 18th!

Mustache - Boy Baby Shower Decor and Mustache Party Ideas

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mustache Bash themed boy baby showers are a unique way to celebrate a new little man coming to the world.  Here are some of my favorite Mustache Party ideas.

9 Color Designs - Little Man Diaper Cake, Mustache Baby Shower , Mustache Party , Baby Shower Decorations
Little Man Diaper Cake

Mustache Game Name that Stache mustache baby shower game printable INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Mustache Name Game
Baby Boy Shower Invitation Mustache Baby Shower Invite Digital Printable Party Invite No. 44
Boy Baby Shower Invite - Mustache

Paper Garland, Mustache Garland, Mustache Party Decorations, Mustache Baby Shower, Mustache Wedding, Mustache Bash, Mustache Party Decor
Mustache Party Decor - Paper Garland